Saturday, April 16, 2005

Report on SASOD gaff on 16 April, and date for next gaff..

The discussion on 16 April continued along the lines of sexuality and self esteem. Discussion was on the problems of promiscuity and infidelity in Guyana and how HIV continues to spread despite education efforts.
Persons felt that in the search for intimacy, many people just said yes to sex in the hope that a relationship will follow, and this led to other problems of guilt and shame when the partners disappeared after.
There was a discussion on the pros and cons of monogamy (one person at a time) versus having an open relationship with many persons to love.
In addition to the spectre of HIV, it also emerged that persons would not feel safe. It was important for persons to gain enough self esteem to say no to risky sex .
Other points.. UG Berbice campus has a clear statement of non-discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.
There is a group called Rainbow Crew which seeks to gain HIV prevention knowledge for the gay, lesbian and all sexual community. The group could be contacted through Artistes in Direct Support.
The next meeting will be on Saturday 14th May, 2005 at the same venue.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Report of 3 April SASOD discussion and next one..

Hi all
The SASOD discussion on 3 April was free form and around several themes. Homophobia in the workplace was discussed and people realised that there are some places in Guyana where the attitudes towards the gay/lesbian person very often depended on the work performance, and that homophobic attitudes are not displayed. There are some cases where gay/lesbian persons contribute positively and are respected for their contribution and hence the case for rights must take those into consideration.

Persons agreed to the generla principle that the age of consent should be 18 years for both male and female, and would support the GHRA proposal in principle. A letter for all of our signatures or names would be developed for submission before the 15 April.

The next SASOD discussion will take place on Sat 15 April, 2005 at 4pm at Help & Shelter's boardroom. The alternative venues were also discussed.