Saturday, August 20, 2005

Report of SASOD Meeting of 20 August and date for next one.

The gaff was free flowing and the discussions as always went on for about three hours, people had a lot to talk about, but then had to leave early to get ready for Maxi Priest.

Film Festival
We got the lists of some films which are available locally. The idea is to start with these films and then do some other screenings as the films become available. Thanks to the people who came up with the lists.. and to George in NY who came up with some possible donors.

Complaint on homophopbic Lyrics
Everyone agreed that we should go to the Ethnic Relations Commission with the complaint about the homophobic lyrics sung by Beenie Man. This will be done as soon as the procedure is known.

Experiences with discrimination
Stories were told of young people who are experiencing discrimination from parents because of their sexual orientation. This has resulted in destructive behaviour. People at the meeting were sad and some were surprised. There is a case of possible discrimination at a prominent fast food outlet which is going to be investigated. It is alleged that a young woman was told by her employers not to have her 'gay friends visit her at her workplace' . Another woman was 'investigated' by her organisation but then 'cleared' of all wrongdoings - the allegations were of harassment. Another teacher was investigated for 'his behaviour' and was cleared.

Venue for meetings
People were comfortable with Help & Shelter as a venue, but it would not always be convenient. Alternative venues for meetings which were suggested are Club Bistro, Pegasus Poolside. Other ideas are welcome.

Other things were talked about which cannot be written here :)

People agreed that the next meeting should be the third Saturday of the month at 5pm.
The next meeting will be on Saturday 17th September, 2005 at 5pm , different venue, a hangout at Club Bistro on Middle Street.