Thursday, February 21, 2008

SASOD Statement on Bartica murders

SASOD extends condolences to the relatives and friends of the murdered victims of the attack on Bartica. SASOD also extends condolences to the relatives and friends of University of Guyana student, Dennis Edghill Jr. It is mind-boggling that although there were so many witnesses, the police have made no arrests as yet or requested information on the location of the suspect of this blatant murder.
This recent attack in Bartica seems to be aimed at demoralising a police force which is ill-equipped to cope with this level of crime. There have been many calls for reform of the Guyana Police Force and now more than ever, these calls must be taken seriously and action must be taken on implementing the recommendations of the various reports which dealt with reforming our disciplined forces. The Guyana Police Force should be able to request the assistance it needs to investigate these crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice.
SASOD recognises that there is a desire for revenge, and urges that this desire should not cloud thorough and systematic investigation of the crimes. The human rights of persons who are being questioned should not be violated.
The opening of lines of communication between the Government and other stakeholders is welcomed. SASOD urges all Guyanese to support initiatives aimed at constructive discussion and at promoting communal healing.