Sunday, September 18, 2005

Report on SASOD Meeting of 17 Sep, 2005

Hi all
We had a good gaff about the film festival, the ERC and many other things. Our condolences were extended to Colleen on the death of her sister.

Film Festival - we discussed idea of theme, the kinds of films to show and the discussion. The theme was agreed on "Painting the Spectrum - a celebration of love" Thanks to Nastassia for coming up with the list of films, and we could change if we get others.
We will be asking for donations to help with advertising - which will be our only costs. Sidewalk has agreed for Monday and Wednesday nights, and we could ask for the Tuesday nights later.

ERC - Colleen and I will file the request with ERC as soon as we confirm the kinds of permits which are given, and how the permits are offered. This is on homophobic lyrics.

The next meeting date will be third Saturday in October - 15 October. We will have a meeting before to discuss the film festival specifically.