Monday, November 06, 2006

SASOD Movie Night - Dangerous Living, Tuesday 14 November, 2006

Venue : Sidewalk Cafe, Middle Street, Georgetown

Time : 7:30pm

"While much art has focused on gay culture in America, less attention has been paid to the experiences of non-western gay communities. Director John Scagliotti turns his camera to that exact subject in this one-hour documentary hosted by Janeane Garofalo. Using interviews and personal accounts of mistreatment, persecution, and abuse, director John Scagliotti reveals the challenges that many gay and lesbian people face when deciding whether or not to come out of the
closet. Featured locations include Egypt, India, Vietnam, and Honduras among others."
running time : 62 minutes

We had an audience of about 16 persons. Feedback indicated that the film was interesting.
"For me it was very enlightening! and here's a
success story - my friend is sort of homophobic. I
didn't tell him what kind of film we were going to
watch until we were outside. He wanted to turn back
and I convinced him to go in on the basis that if he
didn't like what he saw we'll leave. He stayed until
the end and when i asked him how was it, he said he
now appreciates the challenges that gays and lesbians
face and his tolerance for such issues has increased."

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