Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Remarks by Hon. Volda Lawrence, Minister of Social Protection

              Remarks by Hon. Volda Lawrence, Minister of Social Protection
             On Shooting in Orlando on Sunday12th June, 2016

I would first like to express my condolences and words of comfort to the bereaved families and survivors who have been impacted by this heinous crime. It is impossible to fathom the depth of their grief and trauma at what has been perpetrated, but at the same time, we have witnessed the outpouring of love and support in the aftermath and so I would like, on behalf of the Ministry and my own behalf to lend my heartfelt support.

It is difficult to imagine in this era of freedom of expression and tolerance for sexual preferences that such biases continue to exist to the extent where a lone-wolf, armed with military firepower can snuff out the lives and maim so many in the twinkling of an eye. This assault on human life has touched atvarious strata of the society robbing the world at large of the potential expertise that this target group embodied. It is my hope that the families and survivors can be comforted in the knowledge that no effort is being spared to get to the root of this outrageous crime and to return some measure of normalcy to their lives.

Violence in all its forms is intolerable and measures must be put in place to eliminate all aspects of radical and extreme behavior. All peoples irrespective of their beliefs and preferences should be allowed to coexist in safety and in harmony with each other. Let us remember that life is invaluable and that all atrocious acts should be stronglycondemned. In the name of humanity, the focus must be on accommodating differences and diversity and the strengthening of world peace.

Once again my sincere condolences to the families and survivors and my solidarity with those in abhorrence and condemnation of this criminal act.

Thank you.

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