Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Run, Hide, Fight

They coming for me!
I got to run I got to hide I got to—
I got to— I got—
No. I don't got nothing but me two bare hand.
I got what inside me and I can't change that.

They coming for me?
They life so perfect they coming to fix how I live?
How I love? Who I love?
I gon learn to walk straight if you shoot me?
I gon learn to pray great if you prey on me?

They coming for me. Ha.
To take me where? To do me what?
You can't erase me, I always been here.
I gon always be standing here, fighting
here, and you can't change that.

- Anonymous

N.B: "Run, Hide, Fight' is the shorthand American school children are taught for what to do if there's an active shooter. i.e. Try to run away. If you can't run, find a hiding place. If you can't hide, fight back with whatever you have.

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