Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Remarks by Pandit Deodatt Tillack at Inter-faith Service


Remarks by  Hindu Pandit Deodatt Tillack at Inter-faith Service
Inter-Faith Service to Launch the Inaugural Guyana Pride Festival
Catholic Life Centre - Georgetown, Guyana
May 25, 2017
Pandit Tillack of the Shri Samayapuran Mariammma Temple expressed that that on the eve of our 51st independent anniversary, the Guyanese nation would be deceiving itself with wishful thinking to believe that after 51 years from colonial rule, we continue to piggyback on the laws that were bequeathed to us by the colonials as an independent nation, that those laws would be in the best interest of all Guyanese.

“The law ought to be amended to respect the fundamental human rights of all Guyanese,” the Pandit said. He called for greater unity within the LGBT movement itself and urges all partners to work together for the advancement of human rights of all people in Guyana.

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