Sunday, October 09, 2005

Feedback on the film festival... +ve and -ve

Letter in Kaiteur News, Chronicle 7,8 October...
Where does Guyana's descent
> into lawlessness end?
> Dear Editor,
> Under the noses of the police, the Ministry of
> Education and the Guyana Council of Churches, an
> organisation called SASOD (Society Against Sexual
> Orientation Discrimination) on October 1 circulated a
> flyer to advertise the holding of a "festival of
> films" celebrating various aspects of gay and lesbian
> "love", inviting the public to attend viewings at the
> Sidewalk Café.
> Did SASOD receive permission from the censor board,
> and the police, for the public screening of this
> pornographic material? Was the fact that the
> advertisement of this sleaze came only one day before
> the "festival" started of any significance? Are our
> children and communities at risk? Enquiring minds need
> to know. Further, Christians of every race and creed
> are now to understand the importance of advocacy and
> protest, and vote with their pocketbooks and
> patronage.
> Contrary to SASOD's flyer, the evidence illustrates
> that it is a sordid life in the gay, bisexual, lesbian
> and transgender community. Fuelled by the aberration
> of not being able to produce offspring, there is a
> demonic drive to recruit at all costs. Same-sex
> relationships are notorious for the volume of partners
> involved, used, abused and dumped in the process, and
> the disproportionate levels of disease they foist upon
> society. That SASOD's effort is the newest attempt to
> influence the hearts and minds (provide a process of
> recruitment) of the insecure and the young is not lost
> on the Christian community. A few days ago, courtesy
> of Paul Rondeau's law review, we considered the
> strategy being mimicked by the GBLT community in
> selling homosexuality to Guyanese. Readers should now
> assess the incisive critique of Judith Reisman's
> review (she destroyed Kinsey's fraudulent views on
> sexuality) of the recruitment process now being used
> by SASOD: " Crafting Bi/Homosexual Youth" , 14 Regent
> U. L. Rev. 283, 326 (2002; (
> ).
> Specifically, therefore, we need to place this latest
> effort at corruptness in its current legal context.
> Guyana's criminal law prohibits same-sex intercourse .
> for good moral and medical reasons. This includes
> offences in relation to sexual activity between males,
> such as s. 351 (gross indecency between males), s. 352
> (attempted buggery), s. 353 (buggery) of the Criminal
> Law (Offences) Act, Chapter 8:01, and offences in
> relation to prostitution, such as s. 356 of Chapter
> 8:01 and s. 165 of Chapter 8:02 (keeping a common
> bawdy house) and s. 166 of 8:02 (loitering for the
> purposes of prostitution . because this is what the
> "festival" represents). Yet we have an organisation,
> SASOD, which challenges each of these laws with
> impunity with its "offerings". Rastafarians should
> also note that Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton will be
> vilified at this "festival", consistent with Reisman's
> prediction of "demonisation" on page 5 of her review.
> SASOD must not be allowed to proceed, and must be held
> accountable to the existing law.
> It follows also that parents, aware of this influence
> and agenda of efforts like SASOD's on a new Education
> Act, and armed as they are with the knowledge that
> scarcely eighteen months ago they were called upon to
> march in the streets of Georgetown and protest outside
> Parliament against the inclusion of: sexual
> orientation as a fundamental constitutional right,
> must now prepare for action again.
> Roger Williams

"I am very happy to know that SASOD has hold such a
nice Film Festival


Marcelo Ferreyra
congrats on an amazing festival
Alissa Trotz
Take heart, there are bound to be narrow-minded bigots as that letter
most clearly expresses. I do hope you and the group are
not daunted --I think the 56 year old woman that would like to see a film
festival continue and raise the consciousness is great and this is the kind
of voice that you all should focus on. I am so glad that you are doers it
takes courage and tenacity to be and do what you are in a place where
narrow mindedness seems to spread like a disease in small pockets and if
nothing new challenges that way of thinking, living and being then it can
spoil the potential for a wonderful place and people............"

Michelle Mohabeer
Y'all are doing such good work!!!

My heartfelt congratulations!!!

Phillip Pike


Great Start.

Again, congratulations on your film festival in
> Guyana. I wish I'd been able to attend it. Hopefully
> some day we will be able to do something like that
> in
> Belize. But bravo to you guys and keep the fires
> burning.
> Best regards
> Javier