Monday, October 31, 2005

SASOD Film Festival

"Painting the Spectrum - A Celebration of Love"A screeing of films which explore different aspects of gay and lesbian love

This was held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during October 2005

The venue was at Sidewalk Cafe & Jazz Club, Middle Street, Georgetown

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Monday , October 3rd

My Beautiful Laundrette (UK) The academy award nominated 1985 film is a story of an ambitious Pakistani Briton and his white lover striving for success and hope (97 mins) more..
(available at 3H CD & Video Club)

Tuesday , October 4th

little man (US) Writer/director Nicole Conn’s enthralling non fiction film about parental love and the ‘little man’ born to his two mothers (112 mins). more..
Donations will be taken as part of Sidewalk’s First Tuesday support for Help & Shelter

Wednesday , October 5th

When Night is Falling
(Canada) Patricia Rozema's film is a passionate and compelling--if racially problematic--love story between two women. ( 92 mins) more..

Monday, October 10th:

Fire: (India) Deepa Mehta’s controversial and critically praised 1995 film confronts love between women . (104 mins) more..
(available at 3H CD & Video Club)
Tuesday , October 11th

Touch of Pink (Canada) : Alim is an Ismaili Canadian who lives in London, thousands of miles from his family, for one very good reason--he has a boyfriend. ( 95 mins) more..
(available at 3H CD & Video Club)
Wednesday , October 12th

1) Coconut/cane and cutlass (Canada/Guyana) Incorporating a rich, poetic style with elements of dance, personal history, and ethnographic documentary, Michelle Mohabeer reflects on her Guyanese heritage, exile, and sexual and cultural identity. (30 mins) more..

2) Child Play (Canada,Tobago) is a surreal allegory about colonial rape explored through the psyche of the molestation of an older woman (when she was a young girl of ten --by the spirit of a child molester, Georgie de Roote) (12 mins) more..

Contact Third Eye Films (Michelle's production company) at

3) Dakan ( Guinea) Mohamed Camara's debut feature is a simple story of how two men fall in love and who must try to overcome the town gossip, parental rows, and even violence which their romantic relationship provokes. (90 mins) more..

Monday , October 17th

1) Darker Side of Black (USA,Jamaica) An exploration of the homophobia expressed by reggae and rap artists against gays and lesbians. Inludes interviews with rappers Shabba Ranks and Buju Banton (55 mins) more..

2) Songs of Freedom (Jamaica) takes us inside the world of Jamaican gays and lesbians and tells compelling stories of individuals courageously carving out meaningful lives, despite the taboo against their sexual identity. (75 mins ) more..

Tuesday , October 18th

Latter Days (US) A sexually agressive, homosexual, party animal falls for a young Mormon missionary promoting fireworks from their respective friends and families., (107 mins) more..
(available at 3H CD & Video Club)

viðrar vel til loftárása (Iceland) , music video from Icelandic band Sigur Rós about two boys (7 minutes) more..

Wednesday , October 19th
Kali’s Vibe (US) Kali's Vibe brings us stories of African-American women and men that are seldom seen on the screen.It all begins when Kali discovers that her girlfriend Crystal is playing another lover on the side and the tarot tells Kali that she "must release everything that is comfortable and familiar. (92 mins) more..

Monday, October 24th:
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (USA) Winner of numerous awards, this is a post punk neo glam rock musical based on the hugely successful off broadway hit and follows the life story of a transsexual German rock star ( 95 mins) more..
(available at 3H CD & Video Club)

Tuesday , October 25th & Wednesday , October 26th

Angels in America (USA) The 2003 HBO adaptation of Tony Kushner's prize-winning play which became the defining theatrical event of the 1990s, an astonishing mix of philosophy, politics, and vibrant gay soap opera - the winner of 5 golden globes, another 34 wins and 25 nominations. The film would be shown in two parts, each of about 180 mins each more..
(available at 3H CD & Video Club)

This Film Festival would not have been possible without the support of many people around the world who gave support, nominated films and even donated films.
Thanks must be given to :-
Michelle Mohabeer who loaned a copy of her film Coconuts/Cane and Cutlass and who recommended her ‘best cinematic work’ Child Play.
Nicole Conn who donated her film little man to the Festival
Phillip Pike who discounted the cost of his film Songs of Freedom and who loaned copies of Kali’s Vibe and Dakan.
Achal Prabhala in India who will be sending films to be shown later.

Some films have been lent by 3H CD & Video Club, 61 David Street, Kitty,
email 3hcd at networksgy dot com

email suggestions to sasod_guyana at yahoo dot com .

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