Sunday, October 16, 2005

Report of SASOD meeting of 15 October, 2005

A larger number of people met and gaffed about different things..

1) Film Festival
Going good , except for the quality on Wednesday. Only way to fix that would be to watch all films in advance. Publicity needs to be a bit more widespread, given the challenge of the lack of funds. Other venues suggested for other nights as part of a regular programme. Sidewalk confirmed for at least one night in the month, and a Saturday night.

UNAIDS offered support for activities against homophobia. SASOD members will be going with others to seek support for
a) campaign against hompohobic lyrics
b) office/centre for counselling,meeting

3) Homophobic lyrics
The campaign against homophobic lyrics will be taken to the Minstry of Culture, YOuth and Sports and to the Ethnic Relations Commission.
The promoter of the last Beenie Man show is a member of the Government.

4) Reading from the spectrum.. same sex love in poetry,prose writing
Saturday 19th November at Oasis Cafe, Carmichael Street, Georgetown

Next meeting will be first Saturday of November,5th,